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Skip the years it takes to learn the ins and outs of e-commerce. There are an infinite number of variables that must come together to sell products online profitably. We call this the equation. Mentis Collective exists to help you put the pieces of that equation together and learn how to sell.

What Make US

The difference with Mentis is that you're getting access to business owners and their resources. Instead of offering watered down services, we offer solutions that we use and trust everyday.


With 52 years of collective group experience, we can provide our clients with an understanding of E-Commerce that is difficult to hire in today's market.


We approach all of our engagements with the same mentality that we treat our own businesses with. This means looking for ways to pivot when necessary and treating our clients ad spend like it's our own.


In order to bootstrap our brands for the last 8 years, we have been forced to get creative. Whether it's creating new offers, new brands, or new advertising models, we're constantly optimizing our selling equation to generate a return on social.


Over the years we have built a strong network consisting of mutually beneficial relationships. This has allowed us to solve pieces of the online selling equation that can be implemented for our clients.

$ 30 M

Shopify Revenue Since 2020

$ 10 M

Facebook Advertising Spend Since 2020

2 M

Products Shipped Since 2020

Services We Provide

Let our team of professionals do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing the business.

Website design &

Frustrated with your current site, looking for a refresh, or starting anew? Our team of senior level software and UX developers will set you up for success!

Graphic Design

We can redesign the user experience of your site to promote customer conversions, increased sign-ups, and overall better user functionality. We do all this before writing any code!

Full Service Solutions

Whether you're drop shipping, fulfilling inventory, or both, our software and fulfillment platform is the perfect all in one solution.

Merchant Processing

We help clients obtain merchant processing accounts with no reserves, next day funding, and unlimited volume.

Membership Consulting/Installation

We help clients with existing stores/customers install membership programs and turn a guaranteed % of their customer base to paying subscribers.

Branded Social

Whether you need a network hosted on web browser, or you want to bring your network to the app store, Mentis Social has a plan for you.

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