John Einig

Social Strategist



How John Got Started

After graduating from Penn State in 2018, John was positioned to enter the medical field when a friend approached him with the opportunity to join a network of e-commerce sellers. He quickly realized entrepreneurship was an all or nothing endeavor, and began spending all of his time learning about e-commerce and digital advertising. Since then, John has created and grown numerous online brands.

What’s John Doing Now?

John currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a house with three other entrepreneurs and his dog, Ryder. In early 2022, John sold the clothing brand that he spent the past two years building. He is now focused on a new brand endeavor, while also operating as a Social Strategist with Mentis Collective.

What are John’s Future Goals?

John’s goals are to continue growing his e-commerce brands and to share the extensive knowledge he has acquired with the Mentis network. Additionally, John is working to expand the collective within South Florida and develop marketing strategies for newer platforms.