Brendan Rockey

Director of Social Creative Development



How Brendan Got Started

After graduating high school, Brendan worked for several years before attending college. While attending Shippensburg University, Brendan was looking for a side hustle to make some extra cash on the side. Josiah, one of Brendans childhood friends, started selling products online and needed trustworthy help. Starting from the ground up Brendan mastered every department and was able to partner up with friends and start his own business.

What Brendan Is Doing Now

Now, Brendan lives in Florida with three other e-commerce entrepreneurs. Brendan makes the occasional trip back to Philadelphia to work in person with the other Mentis Consultants. Brendan is currently running two e-commerce brands and is looking for new clients to join Mentis!

Brendan’s Future Goals

Brendan’s goals are to continue to grow his current e-commerce brands, build more online stores, sell stores, and help consult other businesses.