Joseph Lowe

Director of Lead Generation Services



How Joseph Got Started

During freshman year at James Madison University Joseph got a unique opportunity to intern for his older brothers and learn the ropes of ecommerce. He was hooked immediately and in 2019 he left college behind to pursue it full time. Over the next several years he took the knowledge he had gained and started his own successful online stores.

What Joseph Is doing now

Today, Joseph lives in Mechanicsburg, PA with his amazing wife and 2 year old son. He found a passion for helping local businesses grow through the years of his experience scaling online stores. Joseph currently owns a local sanitation company, oversees his ecom brand, and oversees lead gen for Mentis Collective.

Joseph’s Future Goals

Joseph will continue to consult for local businesses and help make a difference in his community. For the collective, his goals are to establish roots in Philadelphia and bring new business owners into the network.