Jon Lowe

Co- Founder



How Jon Got Started

Jon has been in the E-commerce space for 9 years after selling his first product online in his senior year of high school. While in college at Bloomsburg University, he launched multiple websites and learned the skill set required to make sales funnels and websites from Youtube videos and friends that were learning at the same time. As the direction became more clear to pursue E-commerce as a full time career, focus on college was left behind and the full time grind of building online assets began. 

What Jon Is Doing Now

Jon is partnered with Zach on a golf training and membership program that has taken his full focus and is working closely with Siah and Justin’s team on advertising strategies to grow the brand and program. 

Jon’s Future Goals

Jon’s goal is to continue growing brands in the golf niche and position them to sell. Alongside that work flow he is investing time into the growth of Mentis Collective and the ability to take on more clients and investors as the infrastructure grows.