Zach Pfluger




How Zach Got Started

After graduating from Penn State University in 2015, Zach spent the first year of his career working as a District Manager for Aldi Foods. He quickly worked his way up to managing 4 Aldi Locations before realizing the corporate world was not for him. He took “the leap” in 2016 and never looked back, diving head first into the world of e-commerce and everything it encompasses. 

What Zach Is Doing now

After spending the last 4 years running a conglomerate of Shopify Stores, Zach decided it was time to shoot for something bigger and began building a Golf Subscription Program and Social Network in the hunt of a large exit. 

What are Zach’s future Goals?

Zach’s goals are to continue growing Mentis Collective alongside his Golf Business by taking all the knowledge and experience gained from it and applying the same winning strategies to Mentis Clients and Partners.