Josiah Lowe

Managing Member & Co-Founder



How Josiah Got Started

After graduating high school in 2014, Josiah started selling products online with Facebook ads. By 2016 he dropped of college to pursue a full time career in e-commerce. Over the next several years he partnered up with friends and began building the collective that you see today.

What Josiah Is Doing Now

Now, Josiah lives outside of Philadelphia, PA with his lovely wife and 2 kids. He is focused on building a home base for the collective while scaling up operations and labor. Josiah currently operates as a Social Commerce Consultant with Eaccountable, Oversees 3 online brands, and overseas client acquistion at Mentis Collective.

Josiah's Future Goals

Josiah's goals are to continually grow and automate his e-commerce stores while implementing the same winning strategies for other companies. For the collective, his goals are to establish roots in Philadelphia and bring new business owners into the network.