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The birth of social media advertising created a glimpse into the future


In 2012 the biggest social media company in history went public. After it's highly anticipated IPO, Facebook shares fell over 50% and didn't recover until a year later. How could they generate enough money to support a $104 billion valuation? It's safe to say that by now everyone knows the one word answer: advertising.

We began our online marketing career in 2014 when Facebook's advertising platform was in its infancy. The ad targeting was unprecedented, ad costs were cheap, and it was truly the wild west of social media ads. A group of us started selling t-shirts, jewelry, and other low barrier to entry consumer goods. Within the first couple years of selling we realized that our mission wasn't to create a specific brand, it was to become full time sellers. As sellers, our goal is to identify niche products or ideas that exist, get them manufactured, and sell them to consumers around the world.

While the last 7 years of selling has taught us many technical skills like building websites and ad campaigns, the most valuable thing we’ve learned is the new age equation of selling. Within the last decade the traditional sales equation has been revolutionized by global supply chains, smartphones, personalized ads, and a wild shift in consumer behavior. The entire equation now relies on the real time feedback and data you get from your advertisements and offers.

Over the years the question “What do you do?” has always been a difficult one to answer because there’s a number of things that sellers do to sell a product. Simply put, internet marketing is all about finding an equation that works. Whether you’re selling $10 jewelry or $10,000 plastic surgery services, there’s an equation that will allow you to sell it online at a profit.

The House


The journey of a young entrepreneur is filled with mistakes, hard decisions, and volatile outcomes. Whether it was dropping out of college, quitting a job, wrecking a credit score, going into debt, or having tough conversations with family, everyone in our group had to live this part of the journey. It’s part of the story that rarely gets told but to all of us it’s the most important part.

In the summer of 2018 the businesses were not doing well. Everyone was either broke or in some serious debt. People were over drafting their bank accounts to get subs, people couldn’t put gas in their cars, and credit cards were starting to get maxed out. At this point the collective debt was over 150k and we knew we had to do something extreme or else the dream would be over.

So we assembled a group of 12 people who had either dropped out, quit jobs, or turned down offers to pursue Ecommerce. Our plan was to move in together so we could collaborate on the businesses and solve our problems faster. After a lot of rejections, a very nice man let all 12 of us rent his mansion. Even though the businesses were down and out, we knew that this was the lucky break we needed.

Once we moved in, everyone adopted a strength in numbers mindset. We knew that everyone had their back up against the wall and the only way out was through it.

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